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Summer Intramural Program

Hello Plainview Little League Family. We hope this email finds you all healthy and safe.  "What a long strange trip it's been."  We have an update on Plainview Little League activities, but before we address that, we feel it is important to address recent events. We have been through a tumultuous few months. With the decimation caused by the virus to both our health and our economy, followed by the reality of social injustice and the consequences that follow, it has been a difficult time. Plainview Little League rejects racism and intolerance and calls on all members of our community to show empathy toward our neighbors and to listen to one another for the good of all humanity. 

Apologies for the lengthy email, but please read it in its entirety.

With the opening of NYS camps on June 29th and the decline in new viral infections across Long Island, PLL is optimistic that a return to youth sports is on the horizon.  Considering that, PLL is planning a Summer Intramural Program. We hope to start sometime in July by offering a program to Boys currently in 3rd -7th grade and Girls in 2nd - 7th grade. We intend to mirror our Spring Program, but will limit teams to 1 game per week on a relatively consistent evening or weekend day. Once we see our enrollment numbers, we will have a better idea how we can structure weekly games to make it as simple as possible. 

At this point we are hoping for a 6-8 game season at the cost of $75 per player.

We ask that families interested in playing register using the link below:

2020 Summer Intramural Registration

You will not be charged on registration. Those with an account credit from the Spring, will have that credit applied once we receive approval to resume activities. If you do not have a credit on your account, we will invoice you once approval is received.

The most important aspect of our Summer Program will be our safety guidelines

  • A PowerPoint of those guidelines is located here. Plainview Little League Covid-19 Safety Plan 
  • They are non-negotiable.  
  • By registering, you are agreeing to follow our guidelines, which include requirements to socially distance and to wear masks where social distancing is not possible.  
  • Players will be required to wear masks in the dugouts and may choose to wear them on the field while playing. 
  • Restrictions and guidelines may be modified as the season continues, depending on additional guidance from local government. 

We understand that for many members of our community, a return to youth sports is not a top priority and that you may not feel comfortable having your child participate under these guidelines. We are offering this program because we have received enough initial feedback from our community to try and provide a program for our children this summer. 

PLL will review registration numbers on Friday, June 19th to determine whether we have enough kids in each Division to run a program and weâ??ll communicate with you shortly thereafter. 

Registration also will ask you to indicate if you are interested in playing additional baseball or softball as part of a possible travel program.  This would be in addition to the 1 game per week intramural program. Please indicate your interest even if you are already a travel player, as those families will have the option of playing only intramurals and not travel.

Our Summer Program is open to all kids in the community within the age parameters discussed above and we expect most of our travel players will join since travel programs likely will be limited as things develop and local communities gradually reopen.

We are hopeful for the potential to get back on the field and the PLL Board of Directors will do everything we can to make that happen for our children if there is enough interest and it is deemed safe to do so.  As always, we are here to answer any questions you have. 

Finally, we wanted to emphasize how baseball can promote tolerance and positively shape our interactions with one another. There is a story from 1947 (some say it's a folk-tale) about an interaction between Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. Two months after Robinson became the first African-American to play Major League Baseball in the 20th century, the Dodgers played a game in Cincinnati.  When the Dodgers took the field, the crowd yelled vicious racist slurs at Robinson (who was playing first base). They also called Pee Wee Reese, the Dodgers shortstop, a traitor and shouted at him as to how he could play with a black man. Reese finally heard enough and walked across the infield to Robinson. Their interaction follows:

ROBINSON: Whatâ??s up?

REESE: They can say what they want; weâ??re here to play baseball.

ROBINSON: Just a bunch of crackpots still fighting the Civil War.

REESE: Hell, weâ??d have won that son of a gun if the cornstalks had held out. We just ran out of ammunition.

ROBINSON (laughing): Better luck next time, Pee Wee.

Pee Wee Reese puts his arm around Jackie Robinson.

REESE: Ainâ??t gonna be a next time. All we got is right now. This right here. Know what I mean?

Crowd looks shocked and horrified that Reese has his arm around Robinson.

REESE: Thank you, Jackie.

ROBINSON: Whatâ??re you thanking me for?

REESE: Iâ??ve got family here from Louisville up there somewhere. I need them to see who I am.

The Dodgers lost the game, but what a tremendous moment for baseball and for humanity. Tell your kids this story and then show them who you are!

See you soon!

The Plainview Little League Board of Directors 

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